Company Outline

Company Name Nara Newspaper Company Incorporated
  • Land area:5,763.26 square meters
    Building area:1,886.68 square meters
  • Main Entrance
  • Main Lobby
  • Lobby Reception
  • 1st Floor Reception Room A
  • 1st Floor Reception Room B
  • Executive Reception Room
  • Executive Meeting Room
  • Staff Entrance
  • West Wing Meeting Room A
  • West Wing Meeting Room B
  • West Wing Meeting Room C
Founded October 26, 1946
Representative Representative Director Haruo Amari
Officers 7 directors, 1 auditor [as of June 30, 2018]
Employees 83 (54 men, 29 women) [as of June 30, 2018]
Capital 40,000,000 yen
Annual sales 1,319,170,000 yen (67th settlement period, data as of the March 2018 settlement)
Our Businesses
  • 1. Publication of the daily Nara Newspaper
  • 2. Publication and sale of books and magazines
  • 3. Sale, purchase and rental of real estate, and agency for the same
  • 4. Travel agency
  • 5. Broadcasting- and telecommunications-related operations
  • 6. Renewable energy planning, design, execution, marketing, management and consulting, for solar power, wind power, thermal power, small hydroelectric power, etc.
  • 7. Consulting for overseas renewable energy projects
  • 8. Import, export and marketing of equipment and machinery for (7).
  • 9. Incidental business related to any of the above.
Head Office

2-4 Hokkeji-cho, Nara, 630-8686

Tel.: 0742-32-1000 (General Inquiries)

[General Affairs]
Tel.: 0742-32-2111 Fax: 0742-32-2770
E-mail :
Tel.: 0742-32-2112 Fax: 0742-32-2771
E-mail :
Tel.: 0742-32-2114 Fax: 0742-32-2773
E-mail :
[Cultural Projects]
Tel.: 0742-32-2115 Fax: 0742-32-2774
E-mail :
Tel.: 0742-32-2117 Fax: 0742-32-2773
E-mail :
[“Living” Editorial Office]
Tel.: 0742-32-2118 Fax: 0742-32-2775
E-mail :
Tel.: 0742-32-2113 Fax: 0742-32-2772
E-mail :
[Information Hotline]

As part of our aim to achieve lifestyles that are fair and offer peace of mind, we offer dedicated fax and e-mail lines to allow us to respond smoothly to any information from prefectural residents or readers. We welcome your views, concerns, and questions on government officials from the governor on down, politicians in both national and regional administrations, public officials, police officers, association staff, and even public corporations or financial/medical institutions. Please contact us on fax number 0742-30-0101.

*We will never reveal our sources.

Branch Offices
[Chunanwa Branch]
685-1 Sakate, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara-ken 636-0247
Tel.: 0744-34-1221 Fax: 0744-34-1222
E-mail :
[Tokyo Branch]
6F, SR Building, 12-3 Ginza 8-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Tel.: 03-5565-0031 Fax: 03-5565-0036
E-mail :
[Osaka Branch]
9F, Nambayachiyo Building, 2-3-11 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076
Tel.: 06-6211-2797 Fax: 06-6211-2827
E-mail :
Branch Bureaus

Eight branch bureaus within Nara Prefecture: Yamatokoriyama, Ikoma, Tenri, Sakurai, Kashihara, Takada, Gojo, Yoshino