Our Businesses

Publishing the daily editions of the Nara Newspaper.

As Nara prefecture’s local paper, we report on the news from a range of angles, and with a focus on local prefectural news. Our reporting on political reform and the excavation of buried cultural artifacts is second to none, and something that other prefectures’ local papers lack.

Awards won: Japan Congress of Journalists (serialized special report, “Why the Real Estate Tax Angers Us”), 1995; Sakata Memorial Overseas Training Project Prize (as above), 1995; Sakata Memorial Overseas Training Project Prize (serialized special report, “Japan at Fifty Years: The Weathering War”), 1996; Sakata Memorial Overseas Training Project Prize (problems with the prefectural police), 2002, and many others.

Postmaster-General Award in 2003.

  • ◆ Member of the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association; subscriber to Kyodo News
  • ◆ 20,000th issue printed on July 17, 2002.
  • ◆ 70th anniversary celebrated on October 26, 2016.
Claimed circulation 99,250 copies
Pages Morning edition only; 12 pages long
Price Monthly subscription: 3,024 yen / Per issue: 130 yen (tax included)
Distribution area All parts of Nara prefecture, and Kizugawa City and Soraku-gun, both in Kyoto prefecture.
Newsstands at Kintetsu line main stations in Nara prefecture, and, in Osaka, the newsstand at Kintetsu Osaka-Uehommachi Station.
Convenience stores throughout Nara prefecture.

Our Businesses

  • 1. Publication of the daily Nara Newspaper
  • 2. Publication and sale of books and magazines
  • 3. Sale, purchase and rental of real estate, and agency for the same
  • 4. Travel agency
  • 5. Broadcasting- and telecommunications-related operations
  • 6. Renewable energy planning, design, execution, marketing, management and consulting, for solar power, wind power, thermal power, small hydroelectric power, etc.
  • 7. Consulting for overseas renewable energy projects
  • 8. Import, export and marketing of equipment and machinery for (7).
  • 9. Incidental business related to any of the above.

Publishing Nara Living

The first tabloid lifestyle information paper aimed at housewives published in Nara prefecture, first issued in November 1975.
Currently published on the first Friday of every month. Distributed free as part of the morning editions of the Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri, and Sankei newspapers.
Full of information on lifestyles for new residents and others, plus local information viewed from the consumer’s side.
Each issue contains numerous coupons, providing consumers with information on bargains.

  • ◆ Member of the Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations
  • ◆ Celebrated the 40th year since our first issue on November 28, 2015.
No. published 347,350 copies (North Nara Edition: 182,800 copies / Central Nara Edition: 164,550 copies)
Coverage Covers approx. 96% of the prefectural population within the publication areas.

Publishing the Nara Prefecture Annual and other books

Publications include the annually published “Nara Prefecture Annual” and the “Guide to High Schools in Nara Prefecture.” In addition, publications also include books on cultural aspects of Nara, such as the collection of aerial photography, “The Origins of Japan.” “Walking Yamato” and “Onsens of Yamato,” both published in FY2000, were best-sellers. Published revised versions of “It’s the Morning of the World” and “Tastes of Yamato” 13 years since their initial editions. In FY2002, the revised edition of “Onsens of Yamato,” “New Onsens of Yamato” became a best-seller again. In FY2003, we published “Journal of a Humble Totsukawa Subject” about the village of Totsukawa at the end of the shogunate, and “Traces of Basho Along the Roads of Yamato” following in the footsteps of Matsuo Basho.

Major events we are principal or co-sponsor for:

  • ◆ Picture Book Gallery in Nara
  • ◆ Fun History Festival
  • ◆ Kasuga Cup Soft Baseball Tournament
  • ◆ Contemporary Nara Research Association
  • ◆ Prefectural Citizens’ Karaoke Song Contest
  • ◆ Tenri University Nara Satellite Language School
  • ◆ Todaiji Rushana Daibutsu Keisan Noh
  • ◆ Inter-Prefecture Amateur Golf Tournament
  • ◆ Nara Prefecture Silver Karaoke Song Contest
  • ◆ Stylish Nara Handicrafts Exhibition
  • ◆ Nara Youth Carnival
  • ◆ Nara Newspaper Senior Club
  • ◆ Nara Newspaper Political & Economic Forum
  • ◆ Nara Newspaper Kawayanagi Contest
  • ◆ Nara 21 Club
  • ◆ Nara Marathon
  • ◆ Nara Living Handmade Classroom
  • ◆ Japan Kanji Aptitude Test
  • ◆ Japan Calligraphy Exhibition
  • ◆ Beautiful Life
  • ◆ Yamatoji Health Walk

Media Business

Centered on the Nara Newspaper website, we provide up-to-date comprehensive information on news, events, tourism, and more.
We started operating Nara Living.com in 2005.